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Our pod is extremely lucky to have Ms. Bennett as our 2nd grade teacher. Ms. Bennett’s passion for teaching shows in the various creative and thoughtful ways she introduces concepts and lessons to the kids. Her project-based teaching methods are very effective in getting all the children interested, involved and vested in the various topics. After each lesson, my 2nd grader always shows deeper and sustained understanding of what she has learned, especially in her favorite subjects: science and social studies. My daughter loves ALL the hands-on experiments and research they have done in class.

Ms. Bennett is nurturing and spends time understanding the individual needs of each child. She has been very receptive to adaptations needed to address our daughter’s learning style and needs. Ms. Bennett also collaborates well and communicates openly with us, parents, and has been very responsive to whatever concerns/recommendations we may have. My daughter really thrives wonderfully in this current class, with her areas of strength growing even stronger and her areas of need given a lot of focus.

- P.C.

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Our son had an amazing experience with Ms. Bennett. She was able to cover the second grade content and curriculum in engaging and playful ways. Our son was delighted to go to school each day, which was a change from our experience with first grade in our public school district! He particularly loved DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time and discussing and sharing his favorite books with classmates.

Ms. Bennett was able to stretch and challenge him in subject areas that come to him more easily, such as math and science. She was also able to encourage him to develop areas that have been more difficult, such as creative writing and art. He grew in knowledge, skill, and confidence with Ms. Bennett. She planned so many hands-on projects that were centered around inquiry and exploration, and her students were rightfully proud of their incredible final projects and presentations. She also took time to teach current events and social justice issues, and my son now shows interest in politics and the nightly news! It was a wonderful year of happy memories for our whole family, thanks to Ms. Bennett!


My second grade son has had a great experience as part of a learning pod under the tutelage of Ms. Bennett. She has been a terrific teacher and is very much liked and respected by the kids and parents in our pod. My son has grown so much as a student this school year across all key academic areas in what has been a nurturing and creative learning environment. I am delighted to wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Bennett.

- R.M.

With Covid, we tried to make the best decision possible with regard to our second grader’s education and health. We had no idea how amazing this experience was going to be. Our daughter didn’t just survive, she thrived!

Alison was able to dive deeper and contextualize the lessons much more than is typically possible. Ali was great to work with through uncertain times and she will forever be etched in the educational fabric of our daughters life.

- Robert

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