Welcome to my microschool!

I teach project-based learning to a small group of children in Westchester County, NY.

Please look around to learn more. 😃

Image Description: Students taking a break to pet the family's dog outside.
Image Description: Two students reading while sitting back to back on a two-person swing.

Vision Statement

Let’s bring the fun back to learning! Our students will be immersed in project-based learning, where they will use their curiosity to research, create, and explore their world independently and collaboratively. Students have autonomy and choice, while learning and applying interpersonal skills.

Image Description: Me speaking to my students, who are sitting in a socially distanced circle outside.
The flexibility of a microschool means we take advantage of the weather, and learn outside as often as we can!
Image Description: Me smiling in front of a field of purple flowers, with a large backpack on my back.
Image Description: Me and my dog posing in front of a pumpkin patch.

About me

I am passionate about connecting children with nature, and bringing visual and performing arts into every day curriculum. I am a lover of nature, a dog mom, and a New York certified elementary and special education teacher with a Master of Arts in childhood education and 8 years of teaching experience.

Teaching philosophy

I believe that the primary function of elementary school is to teach children how to be learners; how to wonder, struggle, persevere. How to fail, succeed, and cheer each other on. I know I've done a good job when my students feel successful and self-sufficient.

I also believe in teaching holistically, utilizing authentic experiences as my main teaching tool. With the concept of "teacher as facilitator", my role is to provide resources and opportunities for exploration, and guide children to tap into their curiosity and creativity.